"Yet the opposition felt it necessary to still harass me with old gibberish .... odd? perhaps. transparent? you betcha'!" he added.

Sheen hasn't said anymore about the negotiations but a source close to Mueller's family confirmed that the pair have been talking. "Brooke is thinking over Charlie's offer and has not decided if she will take it," the source said. "Brooke is very fragile right now."

UPDATE: TMZ.com reports Mueller called the deal off. Sheen was not to go to the news, reporters or public with any of the info, and as soon as he was given that order, Charlie started the Tweet frenzy. Dude just chill!

And while it's been reported Mueller didn't want Sheen's girlfriends (aka goddesses) around the twins, sources tell TMZ.com that she's not concerned about that at all. Shes more concerned with Charlies erratic behavior. Their negotiations apparently allow the goddesses to continue being around the twins.