Fighting allegations that drugs are behind the recent outbursts that prompted CBS to suspend production on 'Two and Half Men,' Charlie Sheen is taking matters into his own hands to prove he's sober, and if he is then maybe he should of taken Drugs to keep him quiet.

On Friday night, Sheen flew back to his Los Angeles mansion from his Bahamas vacation, according to, in order to take a home drug test as early as possible.

He had previously agreed to take a test Monday. Why the rush? Perhaps he wants favorable results to be included on Monday and Tuesday broadcasts of 'Good Morning America,' during which his new interview with ABC News will air ('20/20' will also interview excerpts on Tuesday evening).

The over-the-counter 'First Check' urine test, alleged to be 99 percent accurate, was actually administered in the presence of an editor and two producers from RadarOnline (Mmmmm...Sounds like a party right there.), to help verify the authenticity of the results. Yes, Sheen peed for the media, in an effort to clear his name.

Check out Radar's images of the jovial encounter, photographed in what appears to be Sheen's green-tiled bathroom, where the TV star invited Radar staff to make sure the test was not compromised.

The home test's results? Skeptics expecting Sheen to overdose any minute now may be surprised.