Saturday, March 12, 2011

'Survivor' star Hatch Gets 9 Months on Violation

Richard HatchReality TV star Richard Hatch was ordered back to prison Friday to serve a nine-month sentence for failing to pay taxes on the $1 million he won on the first season of the hit CBS show "Survivor."
Hatch, who is currently appearing on NBC's "The Celebrity Apprentice," spent more than three years in prison for tax evasion before being released in 2009, and has been serving a three-year term of supervised release. During that period, he was supposed to refile his 2000 and 2001 taxes and pay what he owed, but he never did.

U.S. District Court Judge William Smith on Friday said Hatch, who has strenuously maintained his innocence, had exhibited no remorse and had made no effort to comply with an order that he straighten out and pay his taxes. He imposed a sentence three months longer than what was recommended by prosecutors: six months — the maximum in the federal sentencing guidelines.
He said the term of supervised release, which is supposed to be a time of rehabilitation, did not appear to be doing any good in Hatch's case. He said a substantial sentence was required to send a message to Hatch and others who flout the court's orders.

"You can continue to proclaim your innocence," Smith said. "You don't have the option of engaging in this type of game or negotiation with the court. It needs to be a severe punishment. That's the only thing that will deter you in the future."

He also ordered Hatch serve 26 months supervised release, during which time 25 percent of Hatch's gross income would be garnished and paid to the Internal Revenue Service. Prosecutor Andrew Reich said Friday that Hatch now owes an estimated $2 million to the IRS on the Survivor winnings and other income, including penalties.

Hatch, who lives in Newport, R.I., was ordered to report for his prison term on Monday.
He said outside court that he was disappointed and planned to appeal.

During the hearing, Hatch told Smith that he had fully cooperated with the terms of his release, and that his taxes were extremely complicated and he was working with an accountant to determine from the IRS what he owed. His lawyer said he had only made $26,000 to $27,000 in income since being released from prison, and said he had sought jobs in marketing, on a fishing boat and was currently trying to leverage his charity appearance on "Celebrity Apprentice" into paying jobs in the entertainment industry.

Hatch also told the judge he recently discovered he had a second son and was trying to build a relationship with him. He asked Smith because of that and the job opportunities that could come out of his "Celebrity Apprentice" appearance not to send him back to prison.

NBC said 11 of 12 episodes of "Celebrity Apprentice," which features 16 celebrities competing for charities, have already been taped. It premiered March 6. The finale, which ordinarily features the last two contenders and a winner chosen, is scheduled to air live on May 22.

NBC spokesman Sean Martin said Hatch's legal problems would have no effect on the show.
"The finale will move forward regardless," he said.

Asked outside court whether he was prepared to go back to prison, Hatch didn't answer.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Diddy Dirty Money On Idol

Tonight on American Idol, P. Diddy, who made it very clear to Ryan Seacrest this morning that he is no longer going by "Puff Daddy", will perform "Coming Home" with Skylar Grey. Tonight not only will he be performing but will be crossing paths with ex., Jennifer Lopez. When speaking with Seacrest this morning, he said he was "very proud" of Jennifer and that her husband and family are "beautiful". Diddy is making it sound like he has clearly moved on, but has he? As mentioned it has been over 10 years since their relationship, but with Jennifer looking as amazing as she has been it will be interesting to see the dynamic between them. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Watch performance below:

Police Raid at Charlie Sheen's House

The LAPD and other law enforcement are converging at Charlie Sheen's house in a pre-planned raid.

The LAPD has been conducting an investigation into criminal activity -- possibly drugs or weapons. And someone who is at the house tells us cops may be attempting to put Charlie on an involuntary -- 5150 -- psychiatric hold.

UPDATE: Someone at the house tells us, one of the reasons the cops are there is because Charlie allegedly violated the temporary restraining order Brooke Mueller obtained ... which prohibits Charlie from possessing weapons.

UPDATE 10:42 PM THURSDAY Law enforcement sources tell us cops wrapped up their search and Charlie wasn't arrested.  Charlie's lawyer, Mark Gross says police found one rifle -- from the 1800s -- and "a few bullets," adding no other weapons were in the house. Gross also confirmed police executed the search warrant because someone -- he didn't know who -- claimed Charlie and a gun.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... cops raided Charlie Sheen's house after receiving a call earlier today that Charlie threatened to harm himself with a firearm. 

Under the restraining order obtained by Brooke Mueller, Charlie is prohibited from possessing weapons.

Cops are inside the house right now, searching for firearms and ammunition.

And law enforcement tell us cops are not trying to place Charlie on a 5150 psychiatric hold.

Charlie, his lawyers, and several friends are sitting at a table in the backyard eating hamburgers. KTLA shot video of the surreal scene from their helicopter.

The LAPD has been conducting several investigations involving Charlie, including the possible violation of the TRO.

UPDATE 10:18 PM PT THURSDAY -- Sheen just tweeted: "#fastball; the LAPD were AWESOME. Absolute pros! they can protect and serve this Warlock anytime!!! c"

Jessica Biel and Timberlake SPLIT!

Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake are each back on the market -- because their relationship is positively OVER!... this according to a source close to the former couple.

The break-up was a pretty mutual decision ... and both parties still "love and respect each other."

The two had been dating since 2007. That's forever by Hollywood standards!

UPDATE: The couple's reps released a joint statement confirming the split -- and saying, "The two remain friends and continue to hold the highest level of love and respect for each other."

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sheen Sues Warner Bros. & Lorre for $100 Million

Charlie Sheen  has just filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and Chuck Lorre, and he's not only demanding he get paid for the remaining 8 "Two and a Half Men" episodes, he's also suing on behalf of the cast and crew ... and the suit is for $100,000,000 plus punitive damages.

Sheen's lawyer, Marty Singer writes in the lawsuit, "Chuck Lorre, one of the richest men in television who is worth hundreds of millions of dollars, believes himself to be so wealthy and powerful that he can unilaterally decide to take money away from the dedicated cast and crew of the popular television series, 'Two and a Half Men,' in order to serve his own ego and self-interest, and make the star of the Series the scapegoat for Lorre's own conduct."

Singer alleges the cancellation is based on "Warner Bros. capitulating to Lorre's egotistical desire to punish Mr. Sheen ..." Singer believes there was a conspiracy between Lorre and Warner Bros. to blame Charlie for the cancellation.

Singer says, the suit is also filed on behalf of the cast and crew, based on what's called a "private attorney general's statute." Singer alleges the decision to cancel the 8 episodes was made BEFORE Sheen criticized Lorre, because Lorre allegedly wanted out so he could work on his other shows -- and because he hated Sheen. The suit points out Warner Bros. renegotiated Charlie's contract when he was facing felony charges in Aspen -- charges Warner Bros. thought would land Charlie in jail.

Singer claims they fired Charlie when he was sick, and that's a violation of State and federal law.

Lindsay Lohan Late for Court and Decision Put On Hold

Lindsay Lohan is late for court! What a surprise this is! Her driver is rolling through stop signs while paparazzi on bicycles try to get pictures while she jums on the freeway. Apparently the courthouse is alright with her being late although her judge has said in the past, "Watch your step, I'm going to treat you like I treat everyone else". Let's see if this going to prove to be true.

LiLo arrives in a camel fitting long sleeved dress, more conservative than some of her past choices with Chanel shoes and Dior shades today. . "Who are you wearing?" someone yells out, of course she's not going to answer you, idiot.

It's absolutely insane that we care so much about Lindsay Lohan getting to court that FOX News had a sky cam following her. "Lindsay Lohan Court Arrival" is labeled "Breaking News". I suppose it was a slow news day.

So let's get down to business... The sentencing recommendation, even though Judge Keith Schwartz wanted it held confidential will probably end up in having Lohan spend 3 months in jail , but he has given Lindsay more time to mull over his offer.

The judge has sent the case to another judge -- Stephanie Sautner -- Lindsay will be back in court before Judge Schwartz on March 25, and she can plead either guilty or no contest to the grand theft charge. 

If Lindsay doesn't accept the plea, Judge Sautner will hold a preliminary hearing on April 22.  At the same time Judge Sautner will decide if Lindsay violated her probation -- and it's virtually a sure bet the judge will rule Lindsay did indeed violate it.  At that point Lindsay will go to jail as she awaits trial.
Hang in there Lins- We are all cheering for you...or at least watching you.

Video: Kate Winslet Poses Nude in New Lipstick Ad

Seems like stars these days can't seem to keep  there clothes on from Britney to Rihanna and even RiRi's X, Chris Brown got in the act, well... kinda?

In a campaign for new Lancôme lipstick collection L'Absolu Nu, the 35-year-old lies nude against champagne satin sheets, her face an image of poreless perfection, and her assets hidden by a strategically placed wrist and the iconic imprint of the Lancôme rose.

Shot by prominent fashion photographer Mario Testino, the campaign also features the Oscar winner draped in sheets, talking to a special someone on the phone -- all while applying her mother-of-pearl-flecked lipstick to pillow-soft lips.

"I do think that lipstick is the best friend of absolute femininity ... and I also think there's something happening right now in the cosmetic industry, which is that we're seeing the big comeback of a great lipstick. L'Absolu Nu is a soft, delicious stain. It's very, very sexy ... very, very subtle," said the silver-screen star.

Even though Winslet had a public exchange of words with GQ U.K. over a 2003 magazine cover, it seems the actress may have changed her mind about airbrushing in the print industry, having been quoted as saying, "I accept magazine retouch photos all the time."

But, Winslet added, the enjoyment of a beautiful photograph shouldn't eclipse the reality of the situation.

"I just didn't want people to think I was a hypocrite and that I'd suddenly lost 30 pounds or whatever. So I just came out and said, 'Look, I don't look like that.' I'm not mad at the magazine, but I have no intention of looking like that," Winslet told the New York Post at the time.

Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha Split

Ashley Olsen and Justin Bartha Split | Ashley Olsen, Justin BarthaAshley Olsen is now officially single. The actress-fashion designer-child star-business mogul, 24, and her Hangover star beau, Justin Bartha, 32, have now split.

The private couple, who dated for more than two years, shot down engagement rumors shortly after they got together in 2008.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Given More Time to "THINK" about Plea Deal

Lindsay will get a continuance in court Thursday so she can have more time to mull over the judge's offer, which he says  POSITIVELY involves jail time.

As we reported, no deal was struck Wednesday during a meeting in chambers with Judge Keith Schwartz, Shawn Holley and Danette Meyers

Judge Schwartz previously made it clear if Lindsay didn't cop a plea Thursday morning he'd send the case out to a trial judge.

The fact that Lindsay is actually thinking about accepting Judge Schwartz' offer is a huge step -- because she has been adamant up to this point that she will NOT go back to jail.

Lindsay says "I am ready for court tomorrow, and I believe that the truth will prevail through all of this."

Miley Cyrus Gives Paparazzi a Piece of Her Mind!

miley cyrus paparazziMiley  Cyrus has never been one afraid to show some attitude, and yesterday was no exception. The pop star is seen here giving a photographer a piece of her mind, complete with a stern finger wagging in his face.

Cyrus and her mom Tish were leaving the California Chicken Cafe in West Hollywood when the photographer set her off.

Check out the photos below and see Miley give the paparazzi's camera a shove!

'Glee' Is the Best Thing That Has Ever Happened to Gwyneth Paltrow's Career

Last night, Gwyneth Paltrow returned to 'Glee,' and once again, she brought William McKinley High School to its knees. The actress was featured in three of the episode's musical numbers, leading a raucous take on Joan Jett's 'Do You Wanna Touch Me' and a banjo-and-steel-guitar spin on Fleetwood Mac's 'Landslide' and dueting with Matthew Morrison on a sexy, tango-infused 'Kiss' by Prince, while once again playing against the public's perception of her as a sometimes-icy WASP.

While she never really stepped off the A-list, Paltrow's career wasn't in the best place before she took on the part of feisty substitute teacher Holly Holliday on 'Glee,' but almost immediately after her first appearance, her career did a 180. She stole the show with Cee Lo Green at the Grammys, signed a record deal and somehow worked her way back into the public's good graces after years of being ridiculed as out-of-touch and snobby. Who would have ever thought a recurring guest spot on a teen-centric television musical would be the catalyst for the career revival of an Oscar-winning actress?

Paltrow's star is shining brighter than ever this morning after her second appearance on 'Glee.' The Atlantic's Kevin Fallon writes, "Gwyneth Paltrow brought sexy back to 'Glee' this week, and was, if possible, even sassier and sultrier than the last time she appeared on the show," while the Wall Street Journal is saying Paltrow's return was "infinitely better than her debut in the fall. ... She's sly and quick-witted, appropriately adult and seductively saucy in an episode that showcased more of her comedic timing, than her stiff dance skills."

Subbing as McKinley High's sex-ed teacher, Paltrow was given many of the episode's best lines -- "So, just remember, when you have sex with someone, you're having sex with everyone they've ever had sexy with – and everybody's got a random" and "Listen guys, don't take this too hard, these things never work out well – my sex tape with J.D. Salinger was a disaster," among them. She excelled at balancing the comedic with the serious, as she counseled Santana and Brittany about their relationship, showcasing an empathetic and fun-loving side of herself that moviegoers and celeb watchers rarely see.

With goodwill on her side, Paltrow has smartly seized her moment. She has taken every opportunity available to her to perform live and prove her singing chops are the real deal. Her most high-profile gig so far has been at this year's Grammys, where she joined Cee Lo for a lavish, muppet-filled rendition of his hit 'Forget You,' which she famously sang during her first 'Glee' guest spot. Many considered the performance the highlight of the night.

The actress has since signed a $900,000.00 recording deal with Atlantic Records. Paltrow has indicated her album will have a country-pop vibe similar to the songs she performed in 'Country Strong,' her well-reviewed (if little seen) film about a country music superstar recovering from substance abuse issues. She has, however, also said she would like to work with her real-life friend Jay-Z.

And while her side gigs on TV and in music are getting all the attention right now, don't forget that Paltrow is first and foremost a movie star. Though she's had a string of misfires as a leading lady, she has a very promising project on the horizon. Paltrow is featured prominently in the cast of 'Traffic' Oscar winner Steven Soderbergh's upcoming thriller 'Contagion.' She's starring alongside, ahem, Matt Damon, Kate Winslet, Marion Cotillard, Jude Law and John Hawkes, who between them have won four Oscars and 14 nominations.

This week's episode set Paltrow's Holly Holliday up as a potential love interest for Morrison's Mr. Schuester, opening the door for more guest spots. She's set to appear on next week's episode, 'Original Song,' though don't expect her to become a regular. Things are looking rosier than ever for Paltrow, and with an album to record and her movie career resurgent, the actress simply doesn't have the time. We just hope she doesn't forget about the little show that made us all love her again.

Britney Spears Talks Rihanna, Plastic Sugery & Gay Marriage

Britney Spears is showing off her HOT BODY in the latest issue of OUT Magazine -- where she opens up about gay marriage, plastic surgery and why she's jealous of Rihanna.

Spears, who is one of the magazine's "April Ladies We Love" cover girls says she models her career after Madonna, "No question. She is an amazing entertainer. Besides Madonna, I also admire Sarah Jessica Parker’s career and her show collection."

Spears also addresses gay rights in the article, saying "I think everyone should be treated equally" when asked about gay marriage ... and adding "I love my boys no matter what" when asked how she'd react if one of her sons turned out to be gay.

As for music, Britney says that while she's never regretted recording a single song ("All of my songs are f-ing amazing"), there's one out there she wishes she could have been a part of -- Eminem and Rihanna’s “Love the Way You Lie.”

Spears, who turns 30 this year, adds that she's not opposed to going under the knife -- telling the mag "When it’s time to pull and tuck, I’m sure I will consider it."

For more from Britney, check out the full interview on OUT's website!

Kamofie and Co. To Auction off the Alleged Stolen Necklace

The $2,500 necklace that Lindsay Lohan allegedly stole from a jewelry store is officially going up for auction. A rep for the Kamofie and Co. jewelry store announced, "We have decided to sell the diamond necklace through auction, and give the proceeds to charity."

As for what "charity",  the rep states, “We invite the public to make suggestions as to the most appropriate charity to receive the benefit of the sale’s proceeds."

According to the rep, the auction will not take place until AFTER the criminal case is resolved "by plea bargain, or trial or some other means." The necklace is currently being held as evidence by the L.A. County District Attorney. (I LOVE AMERICA!)

Mel Gibson Strikes Plea Deal -- NO JAIL TIME

Mel Gibson has struck an agreement with prosecutors and has made a plea deal in his potential criminal case, and Mel will not get jail time. Mel will appear in court Friday and will plead no contest to simple battery, a lesser charge than corporal injury on a spouse. 

Mel had been stressed out, ( well he should be!) over the impending criminal charge related to the January 6, 2010 fight with Oksana Grigorieva, he was worried that a prolonged court fight would be a strain on his family, particularly his children. Mel believed he could win the case, but to avoid the drama, he struck the deal to protect his kids...(hmmmm...)

Mel's lawyer, Blair Berk, released the following statement, "I know from almost 20 years as a criminal defense lawyer that sometimes justice can come for a client at too high a personal price.  That is particularly so for Mel, whose right to due process can only be exercised in this case with an enormous media circus attached."

Berk goes on, "Mel's priority throughout all of this has been that the best interests of his young daughter Lucia and the rest of his children be put first in any decisions made.  It is with only that in mind that he asked me to approach the District Attorney with a proposal that would bring all of this to an immediate end."

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Kate Winslet Debuts Chopped and Bleached Hairstyle

Kate Winslet on the cover of British VogueKate Winslet debuted a choppy short hairstyle on the cover of the April issue of British Vogue, the shock value of which is accentuated by the bright bleached-blond color a major change from her usual hair color.

Were excited for Winslet for being so daring with her look. The cover shot (from famed photog Mario Testino) sets the tone for the entire Winslet interview, in which she admits she is quite happy to be without a man in her life, since her split last year from husband Sam Mendes.

"Experiencing those moments of being alone ... is a very, very weird flooring and exposing position to be in when you're just not used to it. And it's not just being in a relationship. It's also the fact that I grew up in a family full of people," Winslet reveals in the magazine.

"But I've never been lonely. And with my kids Mia and Joe that remains the case. But to be in this place now where I can say I really like this space. I really need to not have anyone around. It's a surprise to discover that I like being on my own."

Nude Britney Spears Pics Could Bolster Bodyguard's Sexual Harassment Claims

(This is going to go in my hard to believe file, next to the Alien Abduction, Unicorns, and Multiple Orgasms!) Last September, Britney Spears' ex-bodyguard Fernando Flores filed a sexual harassment suit stating that Spears made "repeated unwanted sexual advances" toward him; a claim Spears has repeatedly denied. But Flores now says he has the pictures to prove it.

According to The Sun, the former bodyguard is claiming that Spears sent him x-rated photos last April, "exposing herself in a way that she clearly hoped would make him aroused," including "a few where she is naked."

"They are really explicit images that will likely shock and disgust the majority of her fans," a friend of Flores, 29, told the paper. "Fernando can prove the pictures were taken on her cell phone and sent to his mobile." The recent allegations of suggestive photos could reopen the sexual harassment suit Flores brought up against Spears.

At the time the charges were made, a statement on her website read: "This lawsuit is another unfortunate situation where someone is trying to take advantage of the Spears family and make a name for himself," and later, the Department of Children and Family Services "closed the case without further action," citing lack of evidence.

Charlie Sheen: I Have a Michael J. Fox Clause!

Charlie has what they call a "Michael J. Fox" clause in his contract.  When Fox was doing "Spin City," his contract provided that he would keep getting paid as long as the show was in production, even if he left the show.  Ironically, when Charlie took over for Michael, Michael kept drawing his salary.

When Charlie signed on for "Two and a Half Men" ... the original contract provided an identical clause, so Charlie's people believe Warner Bros. is on the hook if they keep producing the show.

BUT NOT SO FAST! Warner Bros. claims they fired Charlie for cause, nullifying the contract. 

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon Have Spent $1 Million On Baby Gear!

Mariah Carey is known for being quite the diva, and spending alot of money on jewels, clothes and shoes. But now, all her money seems to be going to the unborn twins. 40-year-old Mariah has spent close to $1 million preparing for the arrival of her little boy and girl!

“Mariah’s spent $150,000 alone on their wardrobe,” the source explains. “She loves Baby Dior, Armani Junior’s baby line and Escada Baby. She’s addicted!” Do infants really know the difference between a onesie from Dior versus one from Target? Don’t think so. The couple have also dropped $40,000 on two Magestic Carriage Cribs and $5,000 on Roddler strollers, featuring iPod docks and DVD players!

And of course being the songstress that she is, Mariah is preparing her children to bemusically inclined. “Mariah and Nick equppied the nursery with a $250,000 state-of-the-art Bose stereo system,” the insider reveals. And if she can engrave it, Mariah wants it! “Show her anything that can be engraved with the twins’ names, and she buys it,”

Monday, March 7, 2011

Warner Bros Officially Fires Charlie Sheen

Warner Bros. sent a letter to Charlie Sheen's lawyer, stating Charlie was being terminated because he committed a felony involving "moral turpitude."

In the 11-page letter, Warner Bros. states, "Your client has been engaged in dangerously self-destructive conduct and appears to be very ill."

The letter then goes on to describe Charlie's hijinks, including trashing the Plaza Hotel in NYC, coke binges, on-set failures because of drug fatigue, and diatribes (Big word!) against "Two and a Half Men" creator Chuck Lorre.

The letter also says that Charlie derailed production when he went into rehab, and then he fired his sobriety coach.  In fact, Warner Bros. claims it was so concerned about Charlie's well-being, "Warner Bros. had an airplane waiting" to take him to a treatment facility,but Charlie wouldn't go for it.

So why did Charlie get fired?  The letter says there is a clause in his contract saying they can fire a performer who commits "a felony offense involving moral turpitude."

The letter says, "There is ample evidence supporting Warner Bros. reasonable good faith opinion that Mr. Sheen has committed felony offenses involving moral turpitude (including but not limited to furnishing of cocaine to others as part of the self-destructive lifestyle he has described publicly) that have 'interfere[d] with his ability to fully and completely render all material services required' under the agreement."

Charlie's lawyer, Marty Singer, has demanded Warner Bros. pay Charlie for the eight canceled episodes. Warner Bros. seems unfazed by the threat, even reserving its right to take legal action against Charlie. Marty Singer  believes Lorre is behind the move to fire Charlie from "Two and a Half Men" and that Lorre has interfered with Charlie's contract.

Singer doesn't buy the explanation.  Singer says when Charlie was going to plead guilty to a felony last year over the domestic violence incident in Aspen, Warner Bros. was not only ok with it, they renegotiated Charlie's contract.

Singer claims the real reason Warner Bros. gave Charlie the boot is because he insulted Lorre, and that's not reason to fire him.

And, Singer says, Charlie isn't the first star who couldn't co-exist with Lorre.  Roseanne Barr and Brett Butler also couldn't work with Chuck.  On the other side of the coin, Lorre is the most successful producer in TV currently, with three hit shows on the air  "Two and a Half Men," "The Big Bang Theory" and "Mike and Molly."

Lindsay Upset With 'SNL' Over Miley's Insults

Lindsay Lohan has sent a letter to "Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels saying she was disappointed with him for allowing Miley Cyrus to take pop shots at her on the show, coming from someone who took a shot at herself during a Jimmy Kimmel skit on his show after the Oscars.

Lindsay felt betrayed that he would let Miley mock her on TV so LiLo sent an email to let him know she was upset, she considered LM a mentor.javascript:void(0)

Miley finished her opening monologue with a musical number which included the lyric, "I never stole a necklace or got a DUI .. never cheated on wife like that golfer guy ... so what if you can see a little boob from the side ... I'm sorry if I'm not perfect." No one is perfect and if you can't make fun of yourself or someone else than what is the world coming too! Lighten up LiLo you have had you turn at poking fun at other stars on SNL yourself!

R & B Singer Rihanna Goes Topless for Ad

Stars aren't afraid to get a little naughty when it comes to ad campaigns, which makes for some skin-tillating celebrity endorsements.

Rihanna has never been shy about posing topless, but now the singer has stripped down for a cause. The R&B artist appears shirtless in a new ad for Nivea.

Rihanna has partnered with the skin care line to 'bring Nivea's 100th anniversary celebration to fans all around the world.'

The company, which is sponsoring the singer's U.S. and European tour, said it chose Rihanna to spearhead its 'largest ever digital mobilization campaign in social media' because 'no other world star has more fans on social networks like Facebook than Rihanna.'

Stars aren't afraid to get a little naughty when it comes to ad campaigns, which makes for some skin-tillating celebrity endorsements.

Rihanna has never been shy about posing topless, but now the singer has stripped down for a cause. The R&B artist appears shirtless in a new ad for Nivea.

Rihanna has partnered with the skin care line to 'bring Nivea's 100th anniversary celebration to fans all around the world.'

The company, which is sponsoring the singer's U.S. and European tour, said it chose Rihanna to spearhead its 'largest ever digital mobilization campaign in social media' because 'no other world star has more fans on social networks like Facebook than Rihanna.'

Alec Baldwin is Joining Rock of Ages Cast

'Rock of Ages' just snagged another big name. Alec Baldwin is joining the highly anticipated musical, according to director Adam Shankman, who confirmed the news over Twitter.

"So, based on info I got today, I'm gonna confirm Alec Baldwin as Dennis in Rock Of Ages. Hollah," Shankman wrote.

The '30 Rock' star will play the part of Dennis Dupree, an ex-rocker who runs the Rock of Ages nightclub in order to hold onto his rock star past. Other stars includes Tom Cruise, Mary J. Blige and Julianne Hough.

"Can't wait to start #rockofagesmovie. Julianne Hough, alec Baldwin, Mary j Blige, Tom cruis confirmed. I love my cast. More to come," the director tweeted.

Though there's been no confirmation from Baldwin about his new part, Hough was quick to announce her excitement for her new role as Sherrie Christian.

The story is set in 1987 on the LA Sunset Strip, 'Rock of Ages' is the story of a small town girl who meets a big city rocker in an LA rock club, as they fall in love to a soundtrack of the greatest songs of the '80s.

'Slumdog Millionaire' Star Loses Everything in Fire

Rubina Ali Ali, 12, and her family have been left homeless after a fire blazed through the slums of Mumbai on Friday night. The fire left 21 people injured and more than 2000 homeless.

Ali, who played the young Latika in the movie, is quoted saying, "We all were at home watching TV when a neighbor came to alert us about the fire. We all rushed out. We spent the entire night at the railway station. So far nobody has come to help us."

Ali goes on, "I have lost everything, including books and precious belongings like awards, photographs, newspaper clippings and memorabilia from the success of the film."

'Slumdog' director Danny Boyle had set up a trust fund to help some of the young actors in the film. Boyle had used children from the slums as actors in the movie.

CNN is reporting that Ali's father Rafiq Qureshi said they planned to move into a new home provided by the trust next month and the family were staying in the slums, while in transit.

Ali said she was grateful for the support she and her family have been receiving from the trust

Lindsay Chimes in on the selling of Her Surveillance Tape!

Sources close to Lindsay Lohan tell (Lindsay when this is over, you must get new friends, cause these "sources" are jus' tellin' all yo bizness!) TMZ she thinks the fact Kamofie & Co. sold the surveillance video of her proves what she's been saying all along ... they are just using her to make a quick buck.

Reported earlier, the jewelry store worked with a broker to sell the tape, even when the lawyers for the prosecution beged them not to, fearing it would ruin their case.

Now the tape is out there (Note to self, must get popcorn...can't wait to see this!),  and sources close to Lindsay tell us she feels vindicated.  Lindsay insists it proves Kamofie & Co. are trying to capitalize on the situation and are motivated entirely by money.

Lindsay hopes the store's actions will show there true intent, to make a little green off Lindsay

Halle Berry, Willow Smith, Tyler Perry Among NAACP Image Award Winners

The big winner this year at the NAACP Image Awards was the Tyler Perry film 'For Colored Girls,' which was honored with trophies for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Actress (Kimberly Elise).

Holly Robinson-Peete and Wayne Brady hosted Friday's ceremony in Hollywood.

Prince announced the Best Actress winner, according to CBS News, and presented the prize to Halle Berry, who won for her movie 'Frankie & Alice.' The film (produced by Berry) was honored as the Outstanding Independent Picture of the year.

Meanwhile, Denzel Washington was named Best Actor for his performance in 'The Book of Eli.'

TV excellence was honored as Vanessa Williams took the award for Best Actress in a Comedy Series, thanks to 'Desperate Housewives.'

And Perry celebrated more wins when his hit 'Tyler Perry's House of Payne' was named Outstanding Comedy Series, and the leading man on 'Tyler Perry's Meet the Browns,' David Mann, was named Best Actor in a Comedy Series.

Big winners in music included Alicia Keys, for her video 'Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)', as well as Willow Smith (Outstanding New Artist), Mary J. Blige (Outstanding Female Artist) and Usher (Oustanding Male Artist). Fantasia picked up Oustanding Song for her track 'Bittersweet.'

Condoleeza Rice was honored as an author with a prize for Outstanding Literary Work for Youth ('Condoleeza Rice: A Memoir of My Extraordinary, Ordinary Family and Me'). And Terry McMillan's book 'Getting to Happy' won Outstanding Fictional Literary Work.

The Image Awards, first presented in 1967, were launched by the NAACP to celebrate "outstanding achievements by people of color in film, television, music and literature, as well as individuals or groups who promote social justice."

Phil Collins Retires after years of Back Issues

Phil Collins has decided to bow out from the business that made him. The British singer has reportedly told FHM that he is leaving the music industry due to health problems he's experienced for several years.

Collins revealed that years of sitting hunched behind his drum kit have left him with an array of medical issues. Collins' ailments range from hearing loss to a dislocated vertebra, and nerve damage in the same hands he uses to hold drumsticks, making performing for fans an otherwise painful experience.

Collins has 13 hit singles, seven Grammys and an Academy Award for Best Original Song in 1999 for his work on Disney's 'Tarzan.'

Collins apologizes that his choice to retire may upset fans, considering the more than positive run he's had throughout his career. "I'm sorry that it was all so successful," he stated. "I honestly didn't mean it to happen like that. It's hardly surprising that people grew to hate me."

While loyal supporters will have to get their Phil Collins fix by relying on his past catalog of tunes, the performer has a somewhat different view of how he's perceived in the music business. "I don't really belong to that world and I don't think anyone's going to miss me," Collins said. "I'm much happier just to write myself out of the script entirely." Despite what you think Phil, you will truly be missed!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Moon People sue Sony for Sampled song for Christina Aguilera's "Aint No Other Man"

The 43-year-old song owners file a new lawsuit claims Sony Music hasn't paid for the sample.
Christina's song clearly samples from a 1968 latin soul tune called "Hippy Skippy Moon Strut"(aka "I'll Be a Lucky Man) by Dave Cortez and the Moon People. Gotta love that name.

According to the federal lawsuit, filed in New York, TufAmerica purchased exclusive rights to 'Hippy Skippy' in 2004 ... however Sony Music -- Christina's label -- made a deal with Codigo Music and the Clyde Otis Music Group to use the song.

TufAmerica is asking the court to declare it the rightful owner of the '60s hit and to void the other publishers' claims on the song. The company also wants cash for damages.

Lindsay Lohan's surveillance Video is Sold...Prosecutor NOT HAPPY!

The Kamofie & Co "the victim" in the alleged Lindsay Lohan jewelry store heist just sold the surveillance video which probably may have really messed up the prosecutor's case.

Were told the the store owner has been working with a broker for the last few days and the broker has been in touch with numerous media outlets.

The video has been sold -- but it's causing an uproar for the lawyers in the case, especialy the prosecutor.

Lindsay's defense is that the necklace was a loan ... the jeweler begged to differ. So intent is critical, and if the jeweler is called to the stand and it somehow turns into a convenient way of scoring some quick cash from the media, the case could close on this situation real quick.

So why did Kamofie sell the tape especially when the lawyers in the case have been in touch with the them, trying to dissuade them from selling it?

We will see how this will affect plea bargain negotiations. Shawn Holley, Lindsay's lawyer, and prosecutor Danette Meyers will meet in chambers with Judge Keith Schwartz ... Prosecutor - 0 LiLo -2, if your keeping score!