Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lindsay Lohan Late for Court and Decision Put On Hold

Lindsay Lohan is late for court! What a surprise this is! Her driver is rolling through stop signs while paparazzi on bicycles try to get pictures while she jums on the freeway. Apparently the courthouse is alright with her being late although her judge has said in the past, "Watch your step, I'm going to treat you like I treat everyone else". Let's see if this going to prove to be true.

LiLo arrives in a camel fitting long sleeved dress, more conservative than some of her past choices with Chanel shoes and Dior shades today. . "Who are you wearing?" someone yells out, of course she's not going to answer you, idiot.

It's absolutely insane that we care so much about Lindsay Lohan getting to court that FOX News had a sky cam following her. "Lindsay Lohan Court Arrival" is labeled "Breaking News". I suppose it was a slow news day.

So let's get down to business... The sentencing recommendation, even though Judge Keith Schwartz wanted it held confidential will probably end up in having Lohan spend 3 months in jail , but he has given Lindsay more time to mull over his offer.

The judge has sent the case to another judge -- Stephanie Sautner -- Lindsay will be back in court before Judge Schwartz on March 25, and she can plead either guilty or no contest to the grand theft charge. 

If Lindsay doesn't accept the plea, Judge Sautner will hold a preliminary hearing on April 22.  At the same time Judge Sautner will decide if Lindsay violated her probation -- and it's virtually a sure bet the judge will rule Lindsay did indeed violate it.  At that point Lindsay will go to jail as she awaits trial.
Hang in there Lins- We are all cheering for you...or at least watching you.

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