Monday, March 7, 2011

Lindsay Chimes in on the selling of Her Surveillance Tape!

Sources close to Lindsay Lohan tell (Lindsay when this is over, you must get new friends, cause these "sources" are jus' tellin' all yo bizness!) TMZ she thinks the fact Kamofie & Co. sold the surveillance video of her proves what she's been saying all along ... they are just using her to make a quick buck.

Reported earlier, the jewelry store worked with a broker to sell the tape, even when the lawyers for the prosecution beged them not to, fearing it would ruin their case.

Now the tape is out there (Note to self, must get popcorn...can't wait to see this!),  and sources close to Lindsay tell us she feels vindicated.  Lindsay insists it proves Kamofie & Co. are trying to capitalize on the situation and are motivated entirely by money.

Lindsay hopes the store's actions will show there true intent, to make a little green off Lindsay

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