Monday, March 7, 2011

Lindsay Upset With 'SNL' Over Miley's Insults

Lindsay Lohan has sent a letter to "Saturday Night Live" producer Lorne Michaels saying she was disappointed with him for allowing Miley Cyrus to take pop shots at her on the show, coming from someone who took a shot at herself during a Jimmy Kimmel skit on his show after the Oscars.

Lindsay felt betrayed that he would let Miley mock her on TV so LiLo sent an email to let him know she was upset, she considered LM a mentor.javascript:void(0)

Miley finished her opening monologue with a musical number which included the lyric, "I never stole a necklace or got a DUI .. never cheated on wife like that golfer guy ... so what if you can see a little boob from the side ... I'm sorry if I'm not perfect." No one is perfect and if you can't make fun of yourself or someone else than what is the world coming too! Lighten up LiLo you have had you turn at poking fun at other stars on SNL yourself!

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