David Arquette, who was neither under the influence before or after his head-on car accident- "May the record state – still sober!"

Sarah Pallin on Kathy Griffin -"You know, Kathy Griffin can do anything to me or say anything about me, because you know, she’s kind of this – she’s a 50-year-old adult bully is really what she is"


 Singer Phil Collins on his Retirement from Music -"I don't really belong to that world and I don't think anyone's going to miss me," Collins said. "I'm much happier just to write myself out of the script entirely."

Kacey Jordan to Charlie Sheen -"I'm sorry how things turned out, but I want you to know something before it hits the press. I'm pregnant but it's probably not yours I am going to Oregon to take care of the situation..."

Diana Lohan on Daughter LiLo's Troubles - "She's a young girl struggling. You know, she's not perfect… She's learning as she goes, but she's learning under a microscope, so I can't even imagine how that is."

Jennifer Aniston on Her Age 42 - "All of a sudden you're labeled, you're a number... It wasn't like 30-plus or 30 something. It's just that all of sudden, it's like, 'Wow for your age, not so bad.' It's like what?"

Chelsea Handler on Angelina Jolie - "She can rescue as many babies from as many countries as she wants to,... I don't f**king believe you ... she gives interviews, 'I don't have a lot of female friends.' Cause you're a f**king c**t ... you're a f**king b***h."(Watch Video)