Comedian Andy Dick was caught with a woman in the men's bathroom at a club and was also seen snorting cocaine off a CD cover in his car.

Dick was out partying on Feb. 24 at a club in Woodland Hills, CA and the person caught the comedian performing a lewd act on an unidentified woman in the men's bathroom. Says a Blabbermouth Source

The source is quoted saying, "He was all over her in the men's bathroom, she was lifting her shirt and he was kissing her naked breasts."

About 15 minutes later, Dick and the woman were seen going into a car in the parking lot where he was heard saying, "Give me the coke, give me the coke."

The comedian then proceeded to snort the cocaine off a CD cover in the car. "They were in their own little world. He was oblivious to everything except the cocaine and the woman with him." says the source, he continues. "Andy has openly talked to me about committing suicide and he has definitely hit rock bottom at this point. Unless he gets help fast then he's going to kill himself, because he is totally out of control just now."

In October last year, Dick got into trouble when he allegedly flashed patrons at coffee house in a drunken stupor. An onlooker said that Dick was sitting with a group of friends when he suddenly kissed one of his male companions on the mouth, exposed his genitals, and "staggered down the street, making quite the commotion."

The actor had previously exposed himself to guests at an Independence Day celebration last summer, and has twice been arrested for making unwarranted sexual advances toward both men and women.