Sunday, February 27, 2011

Opps You've Done It Again Oscar - Two Actors Snubbed During Memorial Montage

Corey Haim 80's Teen Hearthrob
Oscar always so respectful in honoring "everyone" who has died in the last year in one four-minute "In Memoriam" segment during the Oscars lately always seems to "forget" someone, to the anger of an aggrieved many.

Two years ago, the Academy Awards did not include Brad Renfro in their "In Memoriam" segment. Last year, they left out Farrah Fawcett and Bea Arthur. This year, the "honor" of omission was shared by Corey Haim and Maria Schneider, neither of whom had their pictures shown while Celine Dion did her signature "My Heart Will Go On Song" from the movie Titanic.

Maria Schneider Sexy 70's Bombshell -"Last Tango In Paris"
Corey Haim, who died last March at the age of 38 of pneumonia complications, starred in two legitimate hits, "Lucas," and "The Lost Boys," before sliding into irrelevance and self-parody later in life. (The culmination of which resulted in a reality show on A&E titled "The Two Coreys," which followed him and his fellow '80s teen heartthrob, Corey Feldman, in their later-career struggles.) Maria Schneider's overly sexual character shocked audiences with her performance in 1972's "Last Tango In Paris," starring opposite Marlon Brando in Bernardo Bertolucci's sexual drama. She died of cancer earlier this month.

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