Monday, February 28, 2011

Charlie Sheen's Legal Team Ready to Sue CBS, WB, and Lorre

Charlie Sheen's legal team sent a hell-fire letter to CBS and Warner Bros. demanding that he be paid for the eight canceled episodes of 'Two and a Half Men.

Late last week, CBS and Warner Bros. announced they were discontinuing production of the hit TV show based on Sheen's conduct and condition--including the actor's statements about 'Men' producer Chuck Lorre. (Seams Personal)

Sheen's lawyer, top Hollywood attorney Marty Singer, wrote a letter to the network and production company on Monday claiming they were violating Sheen's contract by canceling the remaining episodes. Singer wrote: "This action is outrageous and in direct violation of our client's legal rights, including under the contract between our client and Warner Bros. Television with regard to 'Two and a Half Men' ("the Series"). Our client is entitled to be paid for eight additional episodes under his contract on the Series."

He claimed that the episodes were canceled "not because of my client's condition but in retaliation for your show runner being criticized." Singer also suggested they are "pampering" Lorre.

Singer, states that Charlie is sober and able to work. "Furthermore, my client is clean and sober and has passed every drug test requested," the letter stated. "In fact, he took passing tests this weekend."

Saddle up folks, this is gonna be a real barn burner. Singer makes it clear they will not back down. "He (Sheen) intends to hold Warner Bros. fully accountable for the compensation owed on his contract and to hold Warner Bros. and CBS fully accountable for all of the consequences of their actions." If he's not paid as requested, "our client intends to bring appropriate legal action against Warner Bros., as well as against Mr. Lorre..."

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