The past year was a tumultuous one for the 'Beautiful' singer. Aguilera simply can't seem to do anything right, and with each new headline, her reputation as one of the most talented vocalists in music takes a hit. Critics frequently complain of auto-tuned pop stars and divas that are more style than substance, but we all know Aguilera is the real thing. She can sing just about anyone under the table and is known as a brilliant live performer, so how have things gotten this Bad? Ironically fellow Mickey Mouuse Alumni Britney Spears, despite her bad press and public displays of her private parts and just plain craziness hasn't seemed to hurt her career and in some cases helped it. But this is a little different for Ms. Aguilera, who is also a mom, I guess we tend to hold some artist on a higher pedestal.

Friends of the star are pointing fingers at Aguilera's new beau, Matthew Rutler, saying he is a "bad influence on her." Still with that being said sometimes we have to look within before pointing fingers. Lets get it together Christina, we love you!