Thursday, February 24, 2011

Charlie Sheen's Harem includes a Marijuana Bikini Model

Charlie Sheen's new girlfriend, one of his "goddesses" is a model for Cali Chronic X Magazine. The chick gripping the bong is Natalie Kenly -- aka Natty Baby who's such a pot enthusiast, she was even crowned, "Chronic Girl 2010."

Jeffrey Peterson -- co-editor of the mag -- who tells us Charlie began to pursue Natalie a few months ago after seeing her on the cover of the February, 2010 issue

We're told Charlie and Natty eventually connected through a mutual friend, and the two hit it off. Jeffrey tells us ever since the two began their "whirlwind" relationship,  Charlie has been "very romantic." So to add to his empire Drugs, Weed, Prostitution, Hit TV Show, and all the news and tabloid coverage you could ever want. Charlie "You da' Man Baby"!

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