Monday, February 21, 2011

Charlie Sheen Wants BOTH of his X-Wives Back In His Life

Pimpin' aint easy. Now the status of a TRUE PIMP is the man that is able to have all the women he sleeps with or Ho's out under one roof, living happily together. A "FAKE PIMP" is a man that has many girlfriends in different places and none of them probably know about each others existence. That's not a pimp but a coward. So "True Pimp" Charlie Sheen wants both Brooke Mueller AND Denise Richards back in his life ... and he's willing to drop millions of dollars on real estate to make it happen.

Charlie says, he's currently got his real estate agent on the job looking for two mansions in his exclusive Mulholland Estates neighborhood in L.A. one for Ho 1. Brooke and one for Ho 2. Denise. (That was rude, let's rephrase). One for Dumb B#@!...OK, I can't do this... My mother said if I can't say nothing nice, don't say nothing at all...

According to Charlie, he's willing to front the costs of the two houses, plus whatever moving expenses the women incur,  in the hopes that the four children he breed with his two exes might grow up closer to their father and all get to know each other. You sure he doesn't want to move to Utah?

So far, no word on whether Brooke and Denise are actually entertaining the prospective moving plans.

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