Saturday, February 26, 2011

Britney Spears Bringin' In Da Cash!

So if you need any financial advice, here it is. First make a few hit records, then make some questionable relationship decisions, have a public meltdown, oh...shave your head, then have an intervention which your family and lawyers take over your finances, and savings, and then... be set for the rest of your life! This is your financial advise from the offices of We Cheatem & How. Just ask Britney Spears who has just learned it pays to have a conservatorship.

In December 2008, the assets controlled by Britney's conservators totaled $2,826,362.68.  One year later in December, 2009 -- the assets controlled by the conservators swelled to $27,500,000 like thats like a zillion percent increase. Most of the gains came from Britney's wildly successful Circus Tour, but still that's crazy money! (No pun intended!)

As for the assets at the close of 2008, there's an interesting breakdown.   Britney's "furniture and equipment" was valued at $1,551,026.  Her jewelry, furs and antiques totaled $264,988.

Now the figures are deceiving.  The conservators only control a portion of Britney's total estate.  She has a lot of money and property in various trusts and other business entitites, which the conservators do not control. So what did we learn? Hmmmm... that Crazy Pays (Gaga, Angelina, Madonna) the verdict is still out, but I need to find my hair clippers and get back in the recording studio....Baby, Baby, Baaaaby!

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