Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blake Griffin SLAM DUNK SCANDAL!!!!!!!!!!!

Blake Griffin is under attack from a fan who claims he gave the Clippers star the idea for the car-jumping alley-oop, he says he's been snubbed ever since this weekend's Dunk Contest.

The guy with the gripe is Michael Scrivner -- who claims he was watching ESPN earlier this month when he saw Griffin asking fans for dunk ideas ... so he fired off a twitter message to Blake on Feb. 8 specifically outlining the car dunk, complete with the pass from inside the sun roof.


Now, Scrivner is PISSED that Griffin hasn't given him any credit for the idea, "He could have at least given me a shout out!” (I once told LeBron he should play for the Cleveland Cavaliers, and never got credit for that, he at least coulda' said my name, or named a dunk after me!)

Scrivner adds, "If he already had the idea for the dunk, why go on SportsCenter asking for ideas? It would be one thing if I had said to just dunk over a car, but the dunk was spot on everything I suggested.”

So far, no comment from Griffin's camp.

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