Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ciara & Rihanna FUED! OMG Stop the World!

This is almost as exciting as the Lil Kim' and Niki Minaj Feud... I think. But why do "arguably" washed up artist pick fights with artist doing well? Is it jealousy, jnvy, or one lats gasp for relevancy. lets get to it. According to our insider, the whole thing started at Clive Davis' Grammy party a few weeks ago. At the party, Rihanna supposedly got a little too close with Bow Wow, Ciara's ex. Now she saaayys, "The whole thing is really silly, because Ciara didn't even want [Bow Wow] at that time. She's just angry 'cause she just thinks Rihanna was being disrespectful."

So people close to the Divas in training say the feud may be more about jealousy than anything else. Last week, Ciara gave her dancers an ultimatum when it comes to Rihanna. When the Bajan beauty's song Umbrella was played during a dance rehearsal, Ciara nearly lost it. "Ciara spazzed out ... She stopped the session and told everyone that the next time someone played a song by 'that no-talent girl', they'd be fired." WELL! there you have it!

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