Saturday, February 19, 2011

Paris Hilton Presents: Let Them Eat Cake (Part 2)

The Drama continues...When we left off, this fool named Paz crashed Paris Hilton's 30th Birthday, and then he stole her birthday cake, and then to add insult-to-injury, he Facebook posted that he got the cake and don't be knowing what to do with it. WOW this news is all over a F#@!in' CAKE!  In light of the news that Paris Hilton's $3,200 birthday cake was stolen by a drunken party crasher, the company that baked it, Lucid Absinthe, has issued the following statement:
“It is very unfortunate that someone stole the cake from Paris’s birthday party. We had the cake designed especially for Paris with Lucid in the batter and a beautiful representation of Lucid's artwork on it, which she had requested to meet the Moulin Rouge theme of the party. We’re happy that Paris and her guests were able to enjoy a night of Lucid cocktails, including the Paris Lemonade / Paris frozen Lucid Sorbet – and only wish that the guests could have tried her delicious cake. As for Paz, feel free to connect with us on the Lucid Absinthe Facebook page, where we would love to hear your side of the story and thoughts on the cake!”

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