Friday, February 18, 2011


by: Shari Soto

For weeks now Ms.Spears have leak tidbits of her new video daily for her upcoming music Video "Hold It Against Me" from the upcoming album Femme Fatale.

Tonight she release her much anticipated video, directed by Jonas Ackerlund director to Lady GaGa and many other musical talents. Unfortunately this video lacks creativity and reasoning for the song. It seemed to not have Britney Spears classic iconic music videos formula minus great choreography or theme for the video. As I sat there watching the video on MTV (Yawn!), all I could think of is when is something entertaining about to happen, then I wondered when is Jersey Shore coming on...? I am sorry Ms.Spears but this video did not do justice to the song, no matter how many hi tech special effect imagery was added. The concept of the video did not relate to the song and shockingly I was surprise you decide to make this bold move. A bold move indeed but what may work for the GaGa and Transformers didn't work for The Princess of Pop."HIAM" did not meet this requirement. You gotta give Britney props for trying something new but unfortunately it didn't work for me. But I am sure her fans will love it, hate it and talk about it for a while, cause all in all she looked great and her body was bangin'. The pop kingdom may not be that easy to reclaim the crown this year, and using the director from the reigning Queen of Pop, for your video well I guess, if you cant beat them join them, TRY SOMETHING NEW!

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