Saturday, February 19, 2011

Miley Cyrus is Allegedly Angry With Dad Billy Ray Cyrus GQ Interview

So what is new? A teenage daughter is mad at her dad for what he said about her....Hmmm. Sounds perfectly normal to me. End of story! OK, let's get to the bottom of this, Miley Cyrus is allegedly angry with dad Billy Ray Cyrus after he told GQ that he is “scared” for his daughter’s well-being.

Miley, now 18, is telling friends that she feels betrayed by her fathers public comments about their relationship.

“To say Miley is angry is an understatement,” a source tells Rob. “She’s furious that her own father would make a private matter so public. I mean what father does that? (Michael Lohan). Billy Ray revealed to GQ magazine that he is "scared" for his daughter's wellbeing. He passes the blame to Miley's handlers for the scandals she has been involved in, adding that he wasn't allowed to decide for his own kid.

Miley isn’t the only one who is upset over Billy Ray’s interview: An unnamed source at Disney told The Hollywood Reporter that Billy Ray’s claim that he “never made a dime” off his daughter was “ludicrous.” (Not to be mistaken by Rapper Ludachris) The source went on to say that Miley’s future with Disney is “TBD.”

Billy Ray slammed Disney in his GQ interview, telling the reporter that Hannah Montana “ruined [his] family” and that Miley is getting mixed up in a bad crowd. Miley and Billy Ray reportedly haven't spoken to each other since December, before he sat down with the magazine and poured his heart out. The source said that all Billy Ray had to do is call her number if he truly wants to talk with her.

Although Billy Ray claims that he never made any money off of his daughter, the two worked closely on Hannah Montana (Billy Ray played Miley’s on-screen father both on the TV show and in the Hannah Montana movies) and performed together several times.

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