Monday, March 14, 2011

Two Teen Fans Break Into Justin Bieber's Hotel Room

"The hotel was swamped by fans all desperate to catch a some kind of view of Justin, but two girls snuck in through a side entrance and stole housekeeping outfits," says the source. "After ditching their regular clothes and slipping into their new costumes they got the elevator to Justin's suite and knocked on the door, calling, 'Housekeeping.' Having been allowed in, the girls began half-heartedly polishing tables and dusting surfaces."
No one was the wiser, until the fans were left alone and began taking cell phone pics of Justin's belongings and trying to get into his bed. But the source reports that the girls giggling eventually gave them away.

"The girls, following a telling-off, were evicted from the premises," says a source.

Bieber, who was not at the hotel at the time, was reportedly "furious" and checked out. The Hotel told the paper they have no knowledge of the incident, and no police report was filed.

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