Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Suge Knight Caught on Cell Cam Fighting in Vegas Casino

Suge Knight got into a full contact FIST FIGHT (If you wanna' call it that) with another man at a Las Vegas casino this weekend. On the casino floor at the Aria Hotel in Las Vegas early Saturday morning is where the "MAIN EVENT" took place . Suge can be seen throwing punches in bunches... but it doesn't look like he landed any. According to an eyewitness Suge got pissed when a guest approached him with a challenge saying, "I can take you."

Eventually, the whole thing was broken up -- and cops were seen at the hotel soon after. We're told Suge was not arrested over the incident.

A rep for Aria say, "Due to guest privacy policies, I am unable to confirm information about guest activities in our hotel." So maybe they will see this post and how "private" their hotel is.

UPDATE:  The guy Suge Knight chased down on a casino floor in Vegas last Saturday -- fists FLYING says, the Suge showdown wasn't a fair fight (because he was half Knights size?) and now he wants a rematch
Tobias Bell from South Central L.A. -- who friends call T.B. -- says, the fight started after he asked Suge whether he killed Tupac ... and Suge flipped out.

But according to T.B., he was completely caught off-guard by the sudden outburst -- and now he wants to settle the score ... for good. T.B. tells TMZ, he'll take Suge anytime anywhere -- "Staples Center, L.A. Live, wherever" -- and this time ... he'll be ready.

So far, no word from Suge's side.

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