Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ne-Yo Dancers say No to Traveling to Japan for Tour Date

R&B Singer Ne-Yo is scheduled to perform in Japan soon. But when his dancers refused to go because of the possible threat of radiation & the fact that there was a hmm.... let's see a 8.9 earthquake, followed by a tsunami, followed by a 6.6 earthquake, followed by a possible nuclear power plant meltdown, followed by many aftershocks, his management got so furious with the dancers that their Choreographer, Amy Allen, suggested that they take the dancers to their next stop Korea for free.

All because Ms. Allen wanted to "protect" management's interests and because they "lost money". I  mean doesn't Ne-Yo mind that his dancers didn't want to expose themselves radiation, and possibility of traveling into a disaster potential disaster area?

According to sources, their perspective talent agencies, Clear Talent & The Bloc Agency, suggested to one of the dancers that she take the "free" job because it would of been "not a good working relationship" if she turned the Korea leg down.

The dancers were even advised by their "talent agents" to get a lawyer to write Ne-Yo's management a letter because they said they might of even been sued by Ne-Yo's camp.

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