Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ticket Brokers Unable To Sell Charlie Sheen Tickets, Losing Money...Not Winning!

Charlie Sheen may have received his money for selling out his tour, but the ticket brokers that snapped up seats to re-sell are not doing to well.

Sheen's relatively quiet week in the press has left him out of the public spotlight and companies like StubHub scrambling to unload open seats. As of Monday, there were 2800 seats available for his New York shows.

A broker told the newspaper, "I'm worried. I need him to do something else stupid so I can unload all these tickets. We bought them on a whim, and I guarantee we're going to take a loss." He purchased 85 tickets to Sheen's shows - and has sold less than 10. "If he isn't filled up with drugs, he won't be funny. People who buy tickets now, they're going to see a car crash."

An amateur broker purchased over $1500 in tickets to shows in big cities like Boston and Chicago has so far sold one ticket - for under face value. "Basically, if I opened the newspaper tomorrow and saw that he was dead, my first reaction wouldn't be 'Darn, I really liked his movies.' It would be 'Sweet! I get my money back from Ticketmaster.'"

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