Thursday, March 31, 2011

Adult Star Jenna Jameson & Fighter Tito Ortiz Split?

Tito Ortiz says the rumors that he and Jenna Jameson have separated are untrue even the story that Jenna allegedly threw his expensive watches in the ocean. Tito says he and Jenna are still together, although he did mention a "big argument" recently.  As for why Jenna wasn't wearing her wedding ring yesterday, Tito says it doesn't matter they are still together.

It was also asked did Jenna allegedly throw some of his expensive watches in the ocean after a New Year's Eve fight and he had to hire a scuba diver to retrieve the items.  Tito says the real story is that his kids like throwing things in the harbor which they did with his expensive glasses and that's what the scuba guy was looking for.

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