Saturday, April 2, 2011

Charlie Sheen Booed Off Stage in Detroit

Charlie Sheen abruptly ended the first stop of his tour when audience members started shouting "You suck!"

Sheen ended the first show in Detroit after less than an hour on stage when the audience made it clear they weren't entertained.

When Sheen finally took the stage after several bad attempts to warm up the crowd with clips of his father's films, he seemed to be referring to a script. He showed an old film he wrote and directed starring Johnny Depp, and, when that didn't stick, asked the audience what they wanted to hear.

But then the crowd got very ugly and loud boos and shouts of "You suck!" caused Sheen to retort, "Already got your f---ing money, dude."

We're told Charlie called on Simon Rex for some help sending him on stage to rap -- and when that didn't work they played the new track, "Winning" ... which Snoop Dogg recorded for Charlie. 

We're told that got the crowd excited but when neither Snoop nor Charlie came out on stage they started booing again. (Snoop was in Los Angeles at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards...Smart guy!)

At that point most of the crowd started walking out -- and the house lights were turned on.

We're told Charlie did come back on stage briefly and invited the people who stayed to move up closer to the stage ... but then he started complaining about his audio and then walked off the stage.

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