Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Charlie Sheen, CBS In 'Two And A Half Men' Return Discussions: Report

Looks like "Two and a Half Men" may be whole again soon. Without determining who represents what fraction, NBC's Jeff Rossen is reporting that, according to a source close to Sheen, two weeks after Sheen was fired from the show, the $2 million an episode man may get his job back on the biggest sitcom on television.

"Sources close to Charlie Sheen tell NBC News, CBS has offered him his job back. Discussions ongoing. Not a done deal," Rossen said via Twitter.

Hollywoodlife.com also reports that discussions are ongoing. A show insider told the site, "The rumors are true -- CBS wants Charlie back. They saw how popular his tour has become, how it has been selling out, and when word spread that he started talking to Fox about a late-night show, some decision-makers got a little antsy."

There's an 80% chance that Sheen returns, the source told the site.

If this is all true, it's a huge turnaround for the network and Sheen, who have been at war over the last month. Sheen ripped series creator Chuck Lorre in a series of radio and television interviews, and sued for $100 million following his firing and the show's decision to shut down for the rest of the season.

Since the firing, Sheen has found new sources of income: he's working to make $1 million a year in Twitter endorsements, and he's embarking on a North American live tour, for which he'll earn $7 million.

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