Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sheen Is Clean

Charlie Sheen may be high on something but its not Drugs... (Maybe, well we can't prove it, well...It's gotta be sometin'...right?).  Sheen and his ex, Brooke Mueller, each took drug tests back on March 11 as part of their custody settlement.  Sheen got his results back a few days ago and guess what... he passed. No word yet on Mueller's results. The drug test clears the way for Charlie to see his children again, with a monitor present.

UPDATE:  Brooke Mueller's lawyers have notified the court that they want the restraining order against Charlie Sheen to expire. The temporary restraining order prohibiting Charlie from having contact with Brooke or twins Bob and Max expires tomorrow.  Brooke had the option to seek a permanent restraining order but she will not do so because she's settled her differences with Charlie.

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